The SIGGS Project is nearing its end with a Final Conference which will be organised on 29 November 2016 in Brussels. Nevertheless, a number of important project meetings will still take place before the Final Conference. In that perspective, two important meetings were organised in September: the Strategic Workshop in Germany and the fifth meeting of the Steering Committee. Both meetings were organised in Frankfurt and hosted by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) as one of the project partners.

On 21 September, the SIGGS Project welcomed over 30 participants for the German Strategic Workshop. Gathering representatives of the DOSB as well as national and regional sport federations, the Strategic Workshop provided the opportunity to present the SIGGS Project to a number of federations that did not take part in the self-evaluation yet as well as discussing the national results of the second evaluation round, which has been closed on 1 September. Around 15 national federations took part in this evaluation round in Germany.

Following a general presentation of the SIGGS tool as well as the results of the self-evaluation round by the SIGGS Project Management, the DOSB provided an update on their recent activities on Good Governance, with a focus on the Brochure on Good Governance in German Sports. Then, following a presentation of a good practice example by the German Equestrian Federation, a discussion moderated, by Veronika Rücker, Director of the Leadership Academy of DOSB, enabled participants to discuss Good Governance at the German level and notably the exemplary Code of Conduct for Integrity in Federation Work recently published by DOSB.

On 22 September, the Steering Committee (SteerCo) of the SIGGS project met for the fifth time. Several topics featured on the agenda including a presentation of results of the second consultation phase and a discussion on the mid-term internal evaluation conducted by the European Observatory for Sport Employment (EOSE). In addition, a brief summary of each National Strategic Workshop was provided by the NOCs that are partners of the project.

Besides these presentations, the main element discussed by the SteerCo was the sustainability of the project. Florian Kaiser of the Leadership Academy of DOSB explained the activities that will be conducted in term of sustainability during the upcoming months within the Work Package sustainability with notably the objective to prepare a report available for partners and external stakeholders with the aim to create recommendations for sport federations on how to improve their good governance strategies.

The upcoming events within the SIGGS Project include the Strategic Workshop in Luxembourg, which will take place on 27 October, and the Final Conference will be organised in Brussels, on 29 November. The SIGGS Project management is currently finalising the agenda of the Conference. In addition, the SIGGS Project will contribute to a Workshop hosted by European Athletics on 13 October in Funchal and to the "Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme" of the SUCCESS Project (EU-funded Project managed by the NOC of Croatia) on 17 October in Rome. And finally, the SIGGS Project and its self-evaluation tool will also be presented at the General Assembly of the EOC on 20 October in Minsk.