On 27 October, the SIGGS Project organised the Strategic Workshop in Luxembourg, together with the National Olympic Committee of Luxembourg (COSL). The Workshop was attended by over 20 participants from around eight different federations, the Ministry of Sport, the Athletes’ Commission of COSL and the COSL itself.

During a first part of the Workshop, the second version of the self-evaluation tool was presented. The different Luxembourgish federations had already taken part in the first evaluation round, which was organised in October-November last year. With the second version now fully developed, many representatives were keen on consulting their Action Plan and starting discussions and exchanging points of view of how some of the suggested activities could be implemented within their federation.

Consequently, the results of the first consultation round, to which 13 Luxembourgish sport organisations took part, were presented. Even though the results were based on self-declared data, which means that no major conclusions can be drawn from comparing countries or organisations, the results sparked an interesting discussion on elements that could be improved in Luxembourgish sport and on how for instance the SIGGS tool can be used to support this process. It was clear that especially the size and the voluntary nature of most of the federations in Luxembourg should be taken into consideration when developing certain strategies on how to implement good governance and how to professionalise the structures, for instance by pooling resources.

In the concluding remarks, Daniel Dax, Secretary General of COSL, thanked the participants for attending the Workshop and for taking part in the evaluation. Furthermore, he stated that:

The NOC of Luxembourg is reaching out its hand to the federations with this tool. This hand it there to be taken. We hope that this experience inspires also other federations in Luxembourg to use the SIGGS tool and to exchange views on the implementation of good governance in Luxembourg.

The Workshop in Luxembourg was the sixth national Strategic Workshop that was organised in the framework of the SIGGS Project. In addition, the SIGGS Project was presented at various conferences and seminars including: the “Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme” of the SUCCESS Project in Rome and the ENGSO Forum in Sofia. These dissemination activities are part of the run-up to the Final Conference, which will be organised on 29 November in Brussels. On this occasion, the final version of the self-evaluation will be presented and officially opened for all 50 countries of the EOC. The Final Conference will also feature a keynote speech by Pierre-Olivier Beckers, IOC Member and President of the NOC of Belgium, and a high-level panel discussion on how to implement good governance in sport.