On 27 April, the second meeting of the Steering Committee of the SIGGS Project took place in the EOC EU Office in Brussels. The meeting was attended by representatives of the UCL, EOSE, the Leadership Academy of DOSB, the Belgian Olympic Committee (BOIC/COIB), the Turkish Olympic Committee and the EOC EU Office.

Project Manager Matthias Van Baelen of the EOC EU Office provided an update on the recent activities since the Kick-off Meeting of February in the Netherlands. One of the elements that was mentioned was the cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and in particular the link between the SIGGS Project on the one hand and the implementation of recommendation 27 of the Olympic Agenda 2020 on the other.

The main point on the agenda was the development of the self-evaluation tool. A first draft of the tool, which will be designed for National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and national sport federations (NFs), was presented to the participants by the responsible Work Package leaders: Aurélien Favre (EOSE) and Thierry Zintz (UCL).
The following discussion touched upon the link between principles and management tasks. It was decided to focus on four main principles (“integrity”, “autonomy and accountability”, “transparency” and “democracy, inclusivity and participation”) and to link the management tasks directly to these four principles. Furthermore, it was stressed that the various tools resulting from the self-evaluation tool (e.g. Roadmaps) should be closely connected in order to provide a coherent and customised approach.

Aurélien Favre and Thierry Zintz will work on an updated version of the self-evaluation tool. Consequently, Roadmaps will be developed to provide practical help to NOCs and NFs on how to implement the principles listed above. These Roadmaps will be discussed during the next meeting of the Steering Committee, which is foreseen for 9 July 2015.