The project “Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport” (SIGGS), managed by the EOC EU Office has been selected by the European Commission for EU co-funding under the Erasmus+ Sports Programme. This decision was published on Friday 5 December. The SIGGS Project will run for two years and will start in January 2015.

The SIGGS Project builds on the achievements of the “Sport 4 Good Governance” (S4GG) Project, which was successfully coordinated by the EOC EU Office between January 2012 and June 2013. Whereas the S4GG Project successfully raised awareness on good governance and provided educational tools (e.g. self-evaluation tool), the SIGGS Project has an even more ambitious goal. It aims to help National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and national sport federations by providing practical guidance on how to implement principles of good governance. The Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance of the IOC and the EU Principles on good governance in sport will serve as the main reference documents.

To achieve this ambitious goal, various activities will be organised. As the focus will be on practical and individualised help, the project will seek to customise these tools and training according to the needs of the respective sport organisations. The national training sessions, which will be organised in 7 European countries, will therefore be conducted based on individualised tools and with a customised approach. A Steering Committee, consisting of experts from various fields and sectors, will be responsible for the general guidance of the project.

Folker Hellmund, Director of the EOC EU Office, welcomes the decision of the Commission by stating that: “The EU has clearly acknowledged the results of our previous S4GG Project. In my opinion, one of the main reasons why the Commission selected the SIGGS Project is the professional network in combination with the high level of concrete implementation that this project has to offer. We are looking forward to start the project as of January 2015.”

To implement this ambitious project, the SIGGS Project will receive support from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Furthermore, it can rely on a strong partnership with the following partners: